About Us

Our goal and passion is the crypto world. There are a-lot of  misconstrued opinions about the space. We started AboveCrypto to form an information hub & community to educate the most basic to advanced people in the space.  Knowledge is wealth and with it your portfolio will grow. We look forward to seeing you in our community!

Our Team


Trevor Nash-Keller

Trevor has had a deep passion for technology since a very young age. In his early teens he discovered technology and started programming websites. After going to college for E-Commerce & Computer Security he formed Nash-Keller Media to help businesses get setup online and scale. Trevor is also a member of the Falls Angel Fund and has enjoyed investing into small companies looking for growth.

Because he has been so involved with technology and investments he was initially introduced to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2011. From that moment on Trevor dove head in and has mined with multiple rigs, setup automated trading bots, arbitraged exchanges, day & swing traded, and just simply bought and held.

Trevor enjoys being a part of AboveCrypto because it allows him to be open and creative while conversing with top notch people. It also gives him the freedom to travel and see the world while helping individuals grow at the same time. He loves to read and learn new things which helps keep AboveCrypto on the cutting edge of everything they do.

When Trevor isn’t working you can find him zipping around on his longboard, playing with his kids, or watching a good movie with his wife.


Joshua Novak

Before being introduced to the incredible world of Crypto by Trevor, Josh spent numerous years working with business development and marketing.

Josh was excited by the idea of AboveCrypto because it created opportunities for more people to come together and learn from each other. His obsession for growth in businesses was replaced by finding growth opportunities for others through cryptocurrencies.

He only wears converse shoes, drug of choice is caffeine via coffee, and once cried during a Quentin Tarantino movie because it was just so damn good.