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While being involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2011 we are constantly hearing the SAME questions and concerns over and over…

After hearing about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies the last few months your interest has finally peaked. You want to learn more and see if this is the life changing investment you’ve been hearing about but you have had trouble deciphering all of the crazy crypto lingo.

Blockchain? Cold wallets? Hot wallets? Cryptocurrency? Public key? Private key? ICO’s?

When does it stop?

You have been flooded with information out there but it is all pointing to different confusing conclusions. You just want somewhere where you can get easy-to-understand accurate information on how to get involved and make investments that can explode your investment account?

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Ready to learn?

We are here to show you step-by-step how to safely purchase any cryptocurrency you want. We will show you how to safely purchase and store these coins so that you don’t give nefarious hackers or crooked exchanges the chance to steal your hard earned money.

Once you understand the basics, which should take you less than an hour to completely master, we will dive into more advanced tactics like how to read charts so you can calculate the exact time to purchase (or sell) these cryptocurrencies.

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What is Covered in Our Courses

Understanding Crypto

  • Crypto basics
  • How to stay safe and secure
  • What are alt-coins

Buying/Selling Crypto

  • Buying your first crypto
  • Using different exchanges
  • Best practices for using exchanges

Storing Crypto

  • How to help prevent theft
  • Using software wallets
  • Using hardware wallets

Trading Crypto

  • Market fundamentals
  • Initial coin offering fundamentals
  • Technical analysis
  • Chart reading
  • Trading strategies


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