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  • Perfect for anyone looking to learn how to get started
  • 20 videos to help you go from not knowing anything to making your first alt-coin purchase.
  • Covers topics like:
    • What is cryptocurrency?
    • How to stay safe and secure
    • How to minimize risk
    • How to purchase your first bitcoin
    • How to purchase your first altcoin
    • How to store your cryptocurrency
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For people who want to take crypto to the next level…


$49 / Month

  • Life time access to basics courses for free.
  • Access to our online community.
  • Receive our weekly newsletter. This is the best way to always be in the know on crypto currencies and hear about what we are investing in or watching. Included in this newsletter:
    • 2 to 3 solid coin recommendations to help you pick profitable investments with long term gains.
    • Crypto tips on best trading strategies.
    • Updates on current crypto news events and the effect on investments.


$97 / Month

  • Lifetime access to basics courses for free
  • Newsletter described in Intermediate Level
  • Access to Our fundamentals course to help you find and invest in profitable coins on your own
  • Access to our Technical Analysis courses. Topics covered:
    • list of topics covered.
  • Access to our Premium Discord Channels which includes
    • Swing trade calls for quick trades and daily profits.
    • Access to the AboveCrypto team and other professional investors.
    • Masternodes channel with group buy in opportunities
    • Long Term Holds channel where we are sharing our portfolio holds that we know will make money in the long term.