Market Update and Not Sweating It.

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The markets have been moving up and down lately, with the top ten market cap coins in red. So why are we not sweating it?

Bitcoin seemed to recover last week with the currency jumping up $1,000 in an hour. Have the bulls finally resurfaced? Bitcoin briefly dropped below $8,000 and climbed back up 3%.

Cardana (ADA) is the only coin that has seen green which was up 12%.  So yes the market is still technically down So why are we so happy about all of this?

This week there was some pretty bold predictions that have surfaced. Whether it is Tim Draper claiming Bitcoin (BTC) will reach the $250,000 mark in four years or while Tom Lee stating that BTC will hit $25,000 this year people are still looking to come into the market strong.

With new money and interest building the prices will look to climb. If you follow cryptocurrency news, for a few months it was all negative. Now, more and more is coming out positive. This builds the interest the market needs again.

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