5 Things Crypto Can Learn From Internets Growth

 In General

When the internet was in its infancy people were not exactly sure what to do with it. There were ideas and plans, but getting from an idea to a product can be difficult. Crypto is in the same place right now, many great plans and ideas, but getting past that is difficult.

I was in high school when the internet craze was happening. For me it was all about downloadable music and email. Then came instant messaging, which was amazing for the time.

People were always saying, “do not give out any personal information online, never give your credit card information to anyone.”

By the time I went to college it had started to evolve. Facebook became a thing, then twitter to follow. Now people give out their credit card information to buy things all the time. Getting known on the internet is a good thing and it’s what people want.

It took time for the internet to be accepted. Now that it has, it is an important part of our lives.

I see crypto following this same type of path. But what can be done to help it along.

  1. Start Small

There are many great ideas in the crypto industry. But we should start small to allow for easy adoption. Making purchases online is an extremely simple way to do this. Commerce and money drove the internet, crypto can be the same.

  1. Early Adopters Need To Use Crypto

Early adopters should start making purchases with crypto when possible. When we do this, it will drive businesses to adopt it and people will follow. Just how people used the internet in the beginning to drive growth.

  1. Not Only An Investment

Most of the talk about crypto is the investment side. The conversation should include how crypto can make our lives easier. Not only low fees and fast transactions, but how coins can improve daily life. For example Power Ledger allows for people to trade renewable energy. We did not focus only on hackers and the bad side when the internet began.

  1. Stop Waiting For Big Companies To Take Action

Everyone is curious to see what Amazon will do and when they will accept crypto. But why do this? There could be a new Amazon in the making right now with the rise of crypto. If we had waited for big business to adopt the internet, there may be no Amazon. Small businesses and people should start using it and start the growth there.

  1. Stop Listening To The Media

There is a famous clip of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel not knowing what the internet was. Crypto is not any different. Many of the people talking about it on the media have no idea what it is. This is where people who do know what it is and use it, need to talk more about it.

People are more open to technology and new things than ever. But new can also be scary. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with crypto, the focus should shift to how it can improve things. Not only financially improve but also quality of life.


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