Passive Income in a Down Market

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It is a crazy time in the markets for most alt coins. We want to share with you some options that can help your portfolio, both in the long and short term.

If you have invested in a coin that you do not truly believe in, it can be a good idea to convert it to Bitcoin.

With Bitcoins price where it currently is, you can just hold and let Bitcoin recover some of your losses. In the past Bitcoin has ran up in price first, then the alts follow.

Using this knowledge you can rid Bitcoin up in price and then convert back to an alt that you like later.

There are also ways to make passive income with crypto from Masternodes, staking coins, and dividends.

If you don’t know what those are, We will explain that next.

Masternodes are when you buy a certain amount of a coin and run a node for them. You get paid in that coin for running the node. Each coin has a different ROI for running a masternode. For example, you have to have 1000 zcoin to run a node and the ROI right now is 30%.

Staking a coin is when you put the coin in their wallet and stake it. Some of them allow you to pick a time frame to stake the coin and you get a predetermined return. In others the more coins you stake, the bigger the chances are that your wallet will solve the next block earning you more coins.

Dividends are when you put the coins in their wallet. You then are paid dividends in according to how many tokens you own. This makes people not want to trade them, hopefully leading to stability and price increase.

So what coins do we like for Passive Income. The list is not from best to worst.

  • Zcoin. They allow you to own masternodes and receive dividend payments. It takes 1000 Zcoin to own a node, which would currently cost $13,000. As this is a lot of money, there are groups out there that allow you to buy in and own a share of the Masternode. If this is something you are interested in ask us in the Discord chat room.
  • NEO. Holding Neo allows you to generate GAS. GAS is a currency of its own so you can trade it. Now exchanges allow you to generate gas by holding NEO on the exchange.
  • Phore. They also have masternodes that take 10,000 coins to own. The cost is $5794 as of right now.
  • KuCoin Shares. You buy this from the KuCoin Exchange. Holders then get rewarded 50% of KuCoin’s earned transaction fees every day. The amounts may be small but can add up.
  • VeChain Thor. To earn Thor, you can either stake your VET in a Wallet or run a Masternode.
  • Stellar Lumens. I like what this coin is doing. I think long term this could be a great coin and that is why I am adding it to the list. For most people though using it for passive may not be an option. The reason is that the minimum amount you need to vote is 0.05% of all Lumens in existence. This will make many people have to join a pool to receive the payouts. Some pools you have to pay a fee of your payout to take part and others do not.
  • Icon. You cast your delegate vote and then receive a payout through the delegate as a reward for voting for them.

There are many other coins that allow you to receive passive income. We encourage you to look and see if the coins you are invested have something.

Masternodes can be expensive to get into depending on the coin. There are pools out there that allow you to buy into a node with the amount of money you have. Just do your research to make sure it’s legit or ask us on the Discord Chat. is a good place to look up info.


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