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Have you heard the term knowledge is power? Well there are tons of tools that people are using for crypto. Without these tools you can not imagine how much harder the space would be.

So what tools do we like?

Whether your looking at technical analysis or fundamental analysis then you know how important some of these tools can be. The first one that we recommend you checkout if you have not heard of is

24-hour transaction volume, number of transactions per day, NVT ratio, fees, and short-term ROI can all be viewed easily. With tons of info on ALT Coins you can’t go wrong. They also have recently added data for github repos. You can filter and see how many github stars, watchers and commits their are.

The only other place you can see this kind of info was Cryptomiso. The busiest crypto project over the last 90 days has been Lisk (1,620 commits), followed by Tron (1,240) and EOS (1,032).

Live Coin Watch is another amazing tool. What i really like about this is how you can customize your layout.  It is easy to you view which coins are down from their all time highs the most.

For those who are a little more serious we recommend you look at Coingy and These are both great platforms. Coingy is more for analyzation and trading which can connect via API to exchanges. Trade all your favorite exchanges in one place. houses some great more unusual charts. These are a little more difficult to understand and going to be for those who are a little more advanced. If you have questions on it let us know!


Areas in red show when bitcoin’s RSI surpassed 75.


So you are making all these trades how do you keep track? We utilize We can not imagine life without it. If you are trading even weekly or monthly this is a must!

Have any other great tools you are using!? We would love to hear about them.

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