Part 9: Because It’s Cheap It’s Better

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Part 9 in 10 Mistakes New Crypto Investors Make


So chances are you have noticed there can be a substantial price difference when it comes to coins. Take bitcoin vs Tron for example. So why do they vary in price so greatly? It has to do with the market cap, how many coins are available and many other factors.

Just because a coin is cheap does not mean it is a better reason to buy it.  Nor does it mean that it has a higher chance of profiting. The market is so volatile unless you really understand technical and fundamental analysis the safe bet is coin research and investing for the long term.

It can be easier in some situations for a coin to go from $0.10 to $0.15 cents versus $1,500 to $2,000 but it is also easier for a $0.15 coin to go down to $0.10, wiping you out completely.

The best thing is to set some guidelines for proper coin research. You should only be investing into technologically sound coins. We would love to hear your methods of investing.


-AboveCrypto Team

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