What You Can Do During A Market Correction

 In General

By now you should have noticed the market is has suffered from a massive correction.You may not be doing as much trading as your portfolio is down. Some of our own investments are down. As we have said before the crypto market is volatile.

Many people just forget about crypto and only come back when the market improves. We do not recommend this. If you really want to see gains there is something you can be doing.


Keep doing research like you are trading, investing, pretend the market is spiking in price. While most people are not doing anything you will be learning. You will have more knowledge.

When the market comes back you WILL be ahead of everyone else. That coin that just spiked and everyone is talking about. You knew about that months ago and have already bought into it.

We know research can be boring. But this is what AboveCrypto is here for. We love researching coins. Stay active in the discord group and you will learn about many coins without having to do as much research.

Keep learning and paying attention and it will pay you back in the long run. In the meantime check out our other blog post on dip and volatility.


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