Facebook Bans Crypto Currency

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Facebook announced on tuesday they will be banning advertisements for binary options, cryptocurrency and ICO’s.The decision was based on the misleading and deceptive practices in the crypto industry, which Above Crypto does not stand for.

Many ads that you may have seen on Facebook were for ICO’s. While some of these are legitimate most are not. Some ICO’s simply advertised a fake product to get investment money, while never planning to deliver what they advertised.

There was even an advertisement for a fake coin that told you on the website it was fake. People did not do their own research and still invested. Things like this are what drove Facebook’s decision.

Facebook says they can and will revisit the issue once they get better at detecting and removing bad ads. They want people to be able to learn about products and services without being scammed or being served deceptive ads.

Companies and investors are not doing proper research on coins while looking at crypto as a get rich quick scheme. Above Crypto’s strategy and technique is no different than the stock market. We focus on research, education, safe position sizing, long term investment, and swing trades.

One of the hardest things in crypto is sorting through all the information.  Above crypto was created to get the best information for you to make solid decisions. With that foundation we can then invest in coins that are really doing something. If your ever in doubt about something join our community and we will be happy to help.

-The AboveCrypto Team

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