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If you follow the news in any sort of manner than you have heard of the facebook scandal going on currently. It involved Cambridge Analytica and the breach of about 50 million users and their data. Facebook is saying they are addressing the issue. What if we could address it and with the blockchain? The big problem is that facebook knew about this and did not alert its users.

Mark Zuckeberg apologized on a CNN interview and wrote on his blog “We have a responsibility to protect your data.” This apparently did not work as their stocks have plummeted.

The issue as the user is we have no clue as to what was used and if you are a part of the breach. The blockchain would change all of that. The blockchain could potentially solve that entire issue.

What the blockchain would do is allow us to see who has accessed our information. For example if you share your photo with someone specifically you then would be able to track it via the blockchain on how accessed the information.

We are excited to see what the blockchain could possibly do in these types of scenarios when implemented.

-Above Crypto Team

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