The New Goldman Hire

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We all know that Goldman Sachs has had their eye on crypto. That eye has been getting bigger and bigger like your pupil when you visit the eye doctor. With that said we are seeing them getting more serious. With that comes a new higher to the team. They have hired Justin Schmidt. He is now heading up their digital assets division.

With a bachelors and masters degree from MIT more than likely he is no slouch! He has a great background but what is his knowledge on the crypto space. We are not exactly sure but with that being said with the addition of a division you know they are serious. They want to determine the best way to service their customers that are invested in this space.

With enthusiasm comes criticism. The outlook they have on it is great BUT it lacks regulation. CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been heard on record saying that for them to get involved there must be some regulatory hurdles that must be jumped. You may not know that they are already involved in crypto. They act as a clearing agent for bitcoin futures Cboe and CME. It is also an investor in an app that utilizes the blockchain. There has been speculation that they are looking at starting a trading desk that is supposed to roll out in June but they are only that. There has been no confirmation of this.

It is only a matter of time before a Bank gets involved. The question is who will be the first one to get aboard the crypto train. WOOOO WOOOOOO. Once they do, we should see the market rise and we can all take some nice profit.


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