Wyoming Differentiates Between “Security” and “Utility” ICO

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Finally someone is differentiating between a security and utility ICO. The United Stats Government can’t quite figure it out so we are hoping the State of Wyoming can.

We had a great time talking to Tyler Lindholm on some of the crypto legislation he is helping get passed in his state. You can watch the full version by clicking here.

Here is a small expert from our conversation:

“There has been really no movement across the world on how to regulate these initial coin offerings. And indeed the United States doesn’t even know how to handle it. You look at the SEC and CFPC and they’re going in separate directions. They don’t know. Listening to Jay Clayton and his remarks specifically are pretty interesting. Just right off the bat he says “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ICO that isn’t a security.

“Well if you look at the securities that he’s actually dealt with I think most people would agree. But, I do think it is of importance, and thankfully most of the Wyoming legislature does too, that we differentiate what is a security token or security ICO and what is a utility ICO.”

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