Zen Master Steven Seagal! Yes We Said Steven Seagal!

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Chuck Norris, Jean Claude, and yes Steven Seagal. Do you remember Hard To Kill & Above The Law just to name a few?

“Zen Master” Seagal is the new brand ambassador for the B2G. Bitcoiin2Gen is a new coin that is stating they are “superior or the more advanced version of Bitcoin.

Feb. 12 was the announcement  that Seagal’s beliefs coincide with the brand. They said

“Steven Seagal has become a believer of Bitcoiin2Gen.”

Bitcoiin2Gen is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The payment system is the same as Bitcoin. You can read the whitepaper and will notice that they do not explain the system claiming that doing so would be redundant.

How does the coin differ? The white paper states that it has its own ecosystem, mining machines, wallet and the ability to exchange the coin.

Seagal just tweeted his involvement yesterday. Coindesk, TNW, CNET and many other big reputable media companies are accusing the coin of being a pyramid scheme AKA scam.

B2G responded to the allegations by saying the pyramid like commission structure will only exist during the ICO to help investors promote the coin by word of mouth. The ICO started in January 2018 and with the official launch in March of 2018.

The whitepaper states the coin predicts prices of $388 by December.

Bitcoiin2Gen admits that by having Seagal’s endorsement it most definitely has brought them popularity.  

AboveCrypto has not researched this coin fully and more than likely from what we are seeing and reading we would not invest. We love one thing about this coin and that is Steven Seagal. This coin does not fit alot of our key research indicators / triggers to invest into.


-AboveCrypto Team

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