Basics To Getting Started

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You may think getting into cryptocurrency will take a lot of work, it doesn’t. Here are the absolute basics to get started.

The first thing to use is a password saving program such as Lastpass. With all the accounts needed you will want to use something to remember unique passwords. Lastpass makes that simple as it generates unique passwords and prefills them for you. Visit

The second thing we recommend setting up is two factor authentication. You can refer to our blog post to learn more.

The next thing to do is download the coinbase app to your phone or go to the website. You will go through some verification steps in order for coinbase to verify who you say you are. Take a picture of the front and back of your ID and take a picture of yourself. The verification process can be a little tricky as getting clear close up pictures of your ID without producing a reflection can be a pain.

The next thing to do is make sure if you are wearing glasses in your driver’s license photo, you wear your glasses or vice versa. This helps the automated verification process work a little more fluid. Once verified you are now ready to purchase bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoincash and ethereum.

Add your payment method whether its Credit Card, Bank account or sending a bank wire. Once your payment method is setup you can purchase your first cryptocurrency.

Congratulations on your first purchase!

-The Above Crypto Team

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