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In the crypto space it is important to take security seriously, just as you would with anything else. Use passwords that have upper and lowercase characters and symbols. Do not click on any suspicious links sent to your email. One of the most important things you can do is use 2FA (two factor authentication).

two factor authentication

2FA authentication using the AUTHY app and what it looks like on your phone.

When you set up your email account you did not use a strong password. It has now been hacked. But what if there was a secondary password that needed to be used after logging in. A password that is only on your cell phone. This is what 2FA does.

Most everything you deal with can use 2FA such as Exchanges, programs, and wallets. What are the benefits of using 2FA and why should everyone use it?

Most standard logins require a username and password. You can add an extra step of security which make it nearly impossible for someone to access your accounts.

Two factor authentication has been around since 2011. So how does it work? You install an app onto your cell phone. We recommend you use “authy” as this can save you a lot of headaches if you lose your device. It makes a remote backup that can be restored via password.

After you enter your username and password there will be a field for you to enter a unique six digit number. This number is generated via the authy app every 30 seconds. You must enter this number from your cell phone into the field in order to login.

This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get your information as they must physically possess your phone.

Activate this security feature for everything that allows you to utilize it. It can most commonly be found in the setting or security sections of the program/website you are in.

We highly recommend using 2FA for anything crypto related. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

The AboveCrypto Team.

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