Institutional Money Is Coming. So what now?

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Big money (Institutional Money) is taking notice of the crypto market. We keep hearing that when this money comes in, the market will finally start going up again.

We do not necessarily think this is the case. Yes, it will help but not a massive change like people may think.

The institutional investors coming in are professionals. Many people investing in crypto are not. They are sharks. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They do not care if the market goes up 100%.

This is not where they will make their money.

While many investors in crypto hodl and wait for a 50% jump, or more, to take profit, institutional investors will make money just trading on 1% movement.

They will trade the volatility of the market over and over again and not care if it moves up a lot of not. While you are hodling and waiting for that 50% gain. They are trading that small movement.

You too could trade more frequently and take smaller profits. But it does take time. Many people don’t want to do this at all.

If trading more is not an option, then here is another.

Tell people about crypto and invest yourself.

If we invest money and the excitement builds, the market will go up. Even if this institutional money wants to keep the price down, they can’t. There will be too much momentum.

Instead of always talking about how much money you have made,  talk about the technology. The amazing things that are being done with it.

Show people this technology and let them know they can get on the ground floor. It is still an amazing opportunity.


Mitchell Stulken –

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