Ok now its time to make some money.

 In General

Who would have thought this dip would have lasted this long. We have all not been doing much trading. We have mainly been buying and holding. We have mainly been buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Depending on when you got into the market, if you sold you now would probably be selling at a loss.

So what do you do? You wait it out. Some people are not putting any more cash into the market.  The trades we are in now, we are waiting out. It will come back.

So what is our plan? With our buy days we have some Bitcoin just sitting in our long-term portfolio and have some cash saved up.

We are going to take some of our Bitcoin, not all, and the cash and invest in a few coins that we already own. The coins we own are down in price and it is a perfect time to buy.

By doing this, we can be actively trade again. We are tired of just sitting there and just watching the prices.

Most of these investments are not going to be long term. We are going to take profits whenever we can.

Because of this dip it seems like coins rise and then fall immediately. We are going to use that to our advantage to sell and then buy back in.

Doing this will also allow us to continue learning. By actually doing something instead of waiting we can make money while waiting for the market to return.


What are you investing in during this dip?

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