Reformed Con Man Just Helped The Crypto Industry

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Frank Abagnale Jr, pictured left by DiCaprio, was a check forger and con man. He was caught and helped the federal authorities investigate crimes committed by fraud and scam artists.

His story is amazing and was made into a movie called Catch Me If You Can. If you have not seen it, check it out.

Frank recently had comments about blockchain technology.

“I think you would have to be pretty ignorant not to realize that blockchain is the way for the future. It is the best way to secure information 100 per cent, so I think you will see banks, especially accounting practices and accounting firms, all move to the blockchain, keeping records through blockchain.”

I believe this will help bring more legitimacy to the crypto space.

Yes, Frank was a con man, but after that he became the go to authority on bank fraud. He is still a security consultant with vast experience. People still listen to his opinion, and it carries weight.

In life we are told to learn from our past and from people with experience. Why would this be any different? He still gives advice to many people and companies. They are paying attention to what he says.

A con man, who was the best at bank fraud, saying blockchain is the best way to secure information is good for the industry.


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