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One of the biggest things to consider when getting into crypto is what coin to buy? With so many choices what is the process to choose? How do I know if it is a solid coin to purchase? How do I research? That is what we at Above Crypto excel at and it is one of the many features of our premium membership.

Our premium membership is all about research! If you do not feel like paying to get the info then you will need to set apart time to understand how to do the research. Then actually do the research to know what you are investing in. For people with busy lives, this can be extremely challenging to set apart time to sift through all the information.

So what is the process and how do I get started? Some of the biggest and most important things to look at are:

  1.   Does the coin have a whitepaper?
  2.   Is it a network coin?
  3.   Does this coin’s project offer anything new that other coins are not?
  4.   How lucrative is the target market?
  5.   Is this the first coin in answering this type of problem?
  6.   Who does the team consist of and what are their experiences?
  7.   What does the market cap of the coin look like?
  8.   How much room for growth is there?
  9.   What is the rate of inflation on the coins?
  10.  Do they have a wallet?
  11.  Are they updating the github repositories often?
  12.  How is the coin funded?

These are just some of the very important questions we look at when we are choosing coins. These questions and many others play a vital role in determining if the coin is solid and if it is worth investing in for the long term.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know the answer to the questions above, or if you never thought of them. We have put countless hours into coming up with a method to rely upon. We also refine these questions with new information we get.

Let us know what questions you guys may have. Would love to hear the different research methods and tactics our members take. Happy researching.

-AboveCrypto Team

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